Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Sock Monkey

I ordered Jarrett's Halloween costume over a month ago & it's been sitting in his closet. I was pulling out his size 4 diapers & I saw his costume. I just had to play dress-up with him tonight! He looks SO adorable, I can't stand it!
We had to go with a sock monkey costume to match his nursery.
He is also going to have a sock monkey 1st Birthday Party.
Jarrett's 1st year is all about sock monkeys!
I'm sure he'll have his own opinion soon on what he will like, until then, mommy gets to pick!
Cute little sock monkey tail ;)
How are ya'll dressing your kid-O's for Halloween?

I saw this adorable chair at Chasing Fireflies, but it's $98! I would love to get this for Jarrett, but don't ya'll think that is a little much? Wonder if it would be hard to make one?


  1. omg! i did the same thing with T-A today!!!!

    HE LOOKS SO PRECIOUS!! I can't even handle it!!

    I think the chair would be cute..he could prob. use it for a while..maybe for his 1st birthday..hehe!

  2. He looks sooo cute!! If it is any constalation Elizabeth still loves ducks, and that is what her life consisted of her first year as well. I bet he grows/keeps a love for sock monkeys. I mean who wouldn't?

    That is pretty expensive for a chair...If you figure out how to make it, then share your secrets!

  3. Aw, Jarrett is so cute in that costume! I love it! :)

  4. I love that costume!!

    I still have no idea what BG is going to be... I should get on that!!

  5. Oh my...that is the cutest sock monkey for sure!! And that chair is really cute too.

    Layla is going to be Cinderella, and Hayden is gonna be Buzz Lightyear :)

  6. i came across this hat tonight and of course, thought of you. :-)

  7. SO CUTE!!!!!! He looks adorable (as usual) in that costume :)

  8. Hi, (friend of you sis' here) check out this pattern for the chair. I've got the pattern but haven't made it yet.


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