Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hanging out with my BFF from Arkansas!

My BFF since middle school is in Vegas this week & I got to spend the day with her today! It is so nice to see a face from back home. I miss her & her kid-O's so much. I took Kristin to Town Square. We shopped around & ate at Claim Jumper. We had fun just talking & catching up. I wish I could see her kids though!

Kristin & Jarrett outside H&M:
My little man:
Krissy & Jarrett:
Me & my boy:
Krissy & Jarrett at Claim Jumper:
Kristin at the Sanrio shop. She was looking for something "Hello Kitty" for her little girl Abby. How can someone look this good after 3 kids!? No fair!
I'm going to go pick her up after work tomorrow so I can see her again before she goes home. I'm not sure what we'll do yet...trying to think of what would be fun & cheap!

On another note, they opened a Hobby Lobby in Vegas & I HAD to visit it. I found these really cute wall sconces for $5 each & the monogrammed "B" candles were $6. They are battery operated & never go out! I didn't know they made candles like that. I love it. I put them around Jarrett's newborn picture. I need decor for my house bad, but just don't have a lot of money to spend. I really like how this turned out :)
This is a candle holder I got for Jarrett's bathroom. It is red like the bathroom & his room:
And, just for fun, here is a cute video I took of Jarrett tonight. He has the cutest laugh! I was imitating the Skype sound when it dials up, ha ha...
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  1. Love the video! It is so funny when they think the silliest sounds are funny!

  2. omg!! he is so cute..precious laugh!

    um..3 not think 4 of her legs would make my thigh..haha!

    i love those candles..looks so good!

  3. I love your blog so much! I have lurked around forever, but decided to comment finally ;) First, You have the cutest little guy ever! His smile is adorable. And I love those candles you got!! Going to Hobby Lobby today to see of I can find some. Hope you have a great week!

  4. I love him so much! That video just made my heart melt I love you my little nephew I can't wait to see you! I'm glad you and Kristin had fun :) It's always good to have someone from home visit. And I LOVE the candles you got sissy!

  5. I LOVE his laugh!!! Gah it just makes me melt!!

  6. love the decor deals you found! and glad you had a nice visit with your friend! looks like a good time! :-)

  7. What a fun visit - nothing like having an old friend visit from back home - I love being with my old friends when I go home to visit - they just get you :)

    Love those wall sconce candles - I was just at Hobby Lobby today and didn't see them - I'll have to check next time - I can do some serious damage at that store! Do you have Kirkland's in Vegas? Its another great store for home decor for cheap!

  8. Love me some Hobby Lobby!
    ...AND, when they don't have 1/2 the store dedicated to Christmas, they have some kick-a$$ clearance aisles.