Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Cheezer

Jarrett was in such a funny mood tonight. He kept squinting his eyes (this is his new thang) & smiling real big. Almost like saying "Yeah, I know I'm so cute & you can't stand it!" He is such a little charmer ;) I love him so much! He has been teething so bad lately. I read somewhere (probably Facebook) that Tristan put the teething tablets in Taylor-Austin's bottles & so I tried that tonight. It seemed to help some. He is snug as a bug in his bed! Now, I have to go do dishes. WAAAAAAAAAAAA!



  1. YES..they are the only thing that seems to relieve taylor-austyn from the pain!

    sometimes throughout the day i rub one or two on her gums with my fingers also! she has 2 teeth that are poking through now!!

    he's sooo cute..little handsome!

  2. Oh teething how I remember the joys. It was hard for me since B wouldn't chew on anything to save his life! So I massaged his gums and he was happy with that. Aww This makes me so excited for another wittle gwuy (-=

  3. such cute photos!! cole constantly has his fingers in his mouth these days, too. teething=so much fun! ;-)

  4. He's adorable! He looks like such a happy baby

  5. Such a happy baby!!! I think we are starting to teethe too - Cannon drools like Niagara Falls - ha!

    Love that walker - he looks like he loves his independence in it! We just got one this past weekend (on loan from a friend) and Cannon is already loving it (and so am I). Can't wait until he gets really good at moving it around!!!