Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun filled weekend

Jason & I got to have a date night last night! We went & saw "SALT". It was really good. I recommend going to see it. We had a great time hanging out in Town Square & seeing the movie. It was so nice to get out. Thank you Grandma Norman for watching little J!

Today we got up & went on our morning walk with the other mommy's & babies. We met in Sunset Park again. I forgot to bring bread for the birds!

All the babies lined up in a row:
I had to stop & let Jarrett swing a little bit. He LOVES to swing!
Look at that tongue. It's his new thang.
Enough of this heat mommy!
Beautiful park:
After the park, Kristy & I went to the Farmer's Market. I got some delicious strawberries & tomatoes! (they aren't my Nannie's tomatoes, but still good!)
There is a new cupcake place that opened about 2 miles from our house. AWESOME. NOT. Well, of course we had to try it. I've been so good the past few weeks, this was a treat for me. They have a little bit too much icing for my liking, but overall it was REALLY good. The place is called Gigi's Cupcakes. (by the way - my Weight Watchers meeting was cancelled last week. I forgot to make a post b/c I didn't weigh-in. This week I will!)
We got Wedding Cake, Scarlett's Red Velvet, Texas Milk Chocolate & Midnight Magic:
Did you know we had a superhero living in our house? He is awesome. That is all.



    And that is a ton of stuff for $50, i pay $30 for that perfume...we just have to mell god..haha!!

  2. Fun! It's been too hot here to even attempt any trips to the park...not that Jamie would get much out of it at 2 weeks old, but mom could use some time out of the house!

    Those cupcakes look amazing! Almost more frosting than cake....yum!

  3. I love that photo of him throwing his hands up! That is BG's classic "sick of this" pose!

  4. Yay cupcakes!
    Yay date nights!
    Yay walking with Mommies!