Saturday, July 10, 2010

Woof, Woof

I took a bunch of pictures of Jarrett this morning in this cute little "Waggles" by Bearington Baby jacket & booties that my BFF's mom gave me at my baby shower. He wouldn't keep the booties on at all! But, I still got a bunch of cute shots. So many to choose from, I decided to just post a bunch! My sister told me I always post to many pictures of the same thing, but I can never choose! Oh well, I don't care. I like them all. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.

I love his eyes in this one:
Waggin' that tail:

Oh, & I've had a few people ask me where I got the Weight Watchers app for my phone. It was a FREE app, but the guy that wrote the app has a website HERE.


  1. too cute! we actually have the same booties, but i wasn't aware that there was a jacket that matched.

  2. Jarrett is DARLING! I love that you and your sister are blogging partners in crime! New follower :) xo

  3. such a cute boy! I love his big, smiling face!

  4. awe!! i couldn't chose either!!!!

  5. what a cute jacket!!

    and such a gorgeous baby!!!