Monday, July 12, 2010

Sarah's House

Has anyone watched Sarah's House on HGTV? When my mom came for a visit last week, she told me she LOVED this show. I had never watched it, but I recorded it on my DVR the other day & watched it for the first time. Sarah buys a house & renovates it exactly the way she likes it. She sets a budget for each room. The episode I watched, she was renovating 2 bathrooms. They were called the "high" & the "low" bathroom. The "high" bathroom was upstairs & the "low" bathroom was downstairs in the basement that she created out of empty space. She splurges on certain items & then she also finds awesome bargains. It was so neat seeing her convert the bathrooms.

The "high" bathroom was based entirely off of a sideboard that she found at a second hand store & converted into a vanity. It came complete with a marble top and was the perfect height, depth and width to serve as a vanity & it was only $345. She also bought an amazing soaker tub. I love how she used the alternating colors with the tile in the shower.
The "low" bathroom was awesome too. I never thought of a pendant light being hung over a mirror & counting as 2 lights b/c it reflects in the mirror? I thought that was cool! She also thought the bathroom was a little small for art, so she found wall decals & created a really neat design with them. The entire cost of the wall art? ... $20.
I wish I had that inner designer in me like Sarah Richardson or Candice Olson. I think my whole family (well, the women) are obsessed with HGTV. My mom & Nannie have changed a lot in their houses too & really think a lot of it has come from watching so many design shows on HGTV!

Jason & I bought an older house & we had a lot of work done before we moved in. But, someday I would love to update our kitchen counters & our bathroom vanities.

I would love to go from this (our current older cabinet & vanity):
To something like this:
I don't know what my obsession is with black furniture lately. But, the hall bathroom connects to Jarrett's room & he has all black furniture. It would be cool if his bathroom matched. I don't plan on changing the color of his furniture.

Is anyone else obsessed with HGTV like me & my family? I can fill my entire DVR with shows from that channel.

Anyways, I hope ya'll are having a good week! I will be in a training class for work the next 3 days. I don't know how much I'll be up to posting on the blog, but you never know! I'll do a Weight Watchers update for sure on Thursday.

I have to post a couple of pictures of the little man, of course.

Me & little J hanging out in the office today:
Shopping at Target with Mommy:
Some pics I took this weekend:



  1. That sounds like a really cool show! I wish I had the talent, time and money and energy to do stuff like that.

  2. I just watched this show for the first time last weekend and I loved it. I recorded a bunch more.

    The one I saw, she turned part of her unfinished basement into a guest bedroom.

  3. I will definitely have to DVR that show! I am an HGTV junkie, but somehow I have missed this one. Your little one is getting so big!

  4. The "shopping at Target" picture is so precious! I have got to check out this show - I've somehow missed it, though I do like HGTV. I also love black furniture - especially that bathroom picture that you picked out. Love that.

  5. Hey, I just saw your post on Sarah's House and my mom also turned me onto this show!!
    You can actually go to and watch episode of it-I think they have 8 episode on their. The address is
    I love the black furniture and I think it would look great in the bathroom!!
    I started following your blog before your little boy was born and I have enjoyed seeing him grow:)