Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun Day Out

First of all, today is my Nannie's Birthday & I just want to say Happy, Happy Birthday Nannie! I couldn't have been blessed with a better Nannie & I'm so thankful for you. You have always been so good to us & we love you so much! We sent her a text message earlier:
Here is Nannie with Jarrett & Connor when we went to Dallas. I love how the boys are holding hands :)
Today Jason & I got to get out of the house & we went to Town Square. My mother-in-law kindly watched Jarrett as we celebrated an early Father's Day! We went by the Godiva store & got Chocolate Elixirs. My husband is a dork. Look at what a silly father my son is going to grow up with!
Town Square is such a cool place. It has a little water park in the middle where kids can play. Someday I want to take Jarrett there to play b/c it looks like so much fun. I love that I got a picture of a little boy with water shooting up his butt. This is stuff I have to look forward too. I AM totally looking forward to it:
I spent $17.00 today on Jarrett & I got him some really cute stuff for Fall. I am a bargain shopper, so I was happy that I got 4 shirts & a pair of shoes for that price. Here is what I got:

Brown Crib Booties from Gymboree (size 4) for 0.99 cents! (marked down from $19.75):
Penguin onesie that I know my mom is going to love for $3.99 (size 18-24 months) from Gymboree:
Pirate Shirt for $3.99 (size 12-18 months) from Gymboree:
Cookie Monster shirt for $5.00 (12-18 months) from H&M:
Cute striped shirt for $3.00 (12-18 months) from H&M:
Lastly, I took a few pictures of Jarrett today before he went with Grammy. He's mommy's little model. His hair IS looking kinda red, but I refuse to believe it. It will totally turn blonde!



  1. We have a park right outside my neighborhood called Paseos Park and it has those cool fountains and is MUCH less busy. When Jude is old enough...maybe ya'll can come hang out one afternoon with us...when both the boys can walk through the water!