Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Father's Day

We didn't do much for Father's Day b/c we went out yesterday. But, I got a couple of pictures of Jarrett & his DA-DA. Here is Jason & his "mini-me". Next baby is going to look like ME! Thank you Jason for being such a wonderful daddy to Jarrett & treating me like a princess. I love you!

Daddy makes him laugh better than anyone else.

I also want to wish MY daddy a Happy Father's Day! Here are a few pictures of me & my dad a while back when we went to River Fest in Arkansas together. That was a fun night just spending it with my daddy. I love you daddy & I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful dad.

(my dad used to scare me & my sister when we were little with that face he is making in the 3rd picture, haha! Maybe one day he will chase Jarrett & Connor around & scare them too ;)



  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love all of the pictures :)

  2. hope Jason had a great first father's day!!

    and my daughter is the hubs' twin too and it makes me crazy!! i always say if we have another one, it better look like me!

  3. Hey Bonnie,
    Great pictures. Jude is starting to drool like that...all his shirts have big wet drool rings on them. Hilarious!