Monday, June 14, 2010

"Bzzz" like a Bee is SCARY! (when it comes from Daddy)

Jason had Jarrett in the bedroom & was playing with him when he came into the living room (interrupting The Bachelorette) & said that when he "Bzzzz'ed" like a bee it scared Jarrett to death. He did it again for me & that little lower lip puckered out. I tried to do the same thing & it didn't scare him. The poor thing has been through enough trauma for a week, but I had to get a little bit on video b/c I thought it was so funny! He already has a phobia of bees like his momma. I'm definitely using this as blackmail material when he is older...

I've been wondering for a while now, what is the big deal with the P90X program? I see a lot of bloggers talking about it, but what is it & how does the program work? What do you eat while on the program? Have you tried it? I need something to help me lose weight!



  1. oh my goodness y'all are horrible!!! that poor baby! ok, i admit it, e hates when her dad rubs his goatee on her face and we do it ALL the time just to watch her reaction! these kids are going to get us back one day!!

    he really is too adorable bonnie. i love all his expressions!

  2. Your lil' guy is just adorable! The P90 whatever is an extreme exercise program. People who do it and stick to it love it. I prefer The Firm though but it is by the same people.