Monday, May 3, 2010

Pool Party

Today we opened the property pool & Jarrett came to hang out with us. He looked so cute in his little Luau outfit! He is such a sweet baby. I feel bad because I know he hasn't been feeling that good lately too. He has thrown up 3 out of the past 4 days. Like, a lot of throw up. My mother-in-law came over tonight & he threw up all over her. He fell asleep soon after he up-chucked his bottle. He isn't running a fever & I took him to the doctor last week. His congestion seems to be getting better, but I don't know why he is throwing up lately. Maybe he is just overeating? I don't know :( Hopefully we will get this icky sickness out of our home soon!

My sweetie pie:
Aren't his flip-flops cute?
Me & my mini-Jason:
Mila (Jarrett's babysitter) lovin' on her baby:
My boss Fran & Jarrett:



  1. he looks so cute in his outfit!

    ick..hope that puke stops soon!

  2. OMGosh...he's so adorable! I love those flip flops...I need to find some for little Liam. I certainly hope he feels better soon...Liam has had reflux since he was born and throws up constantly. Since he's been crawling tho it's been getting better. Can't tell you how many clothes changes I do a day when I watch him!


  3. Aw, he look so cute! I love that adorable outfit. :)

    I hope he's all better soon.

  4. my brother had a reflux issue which later turned into Pyloric Stenosis. that's where the muscle that allows food to go from the stomach to the intestine was closing up like a tight rubber band. he had some minor surgery for it and was good as gold afterward. i don't say this to completely freak you out b/c it could be nothing, but my dad is a nurse and didn't even think about it being anything close to that. better to be overly safe!