Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mr. Crabby

I was in Wal-Mart the other day & they have the cutest little separates for babies! I got this onesie & the shorts for $3 each - $6 total for the entire outfit. I swear, Jarrett is growing way to fast & out of his clothes. Today I had a resident bring in her 1 year old daughter who weighs 17 lbs. & is TINY. Jarrett is 16 lbs. & only a little over 4 months old. Scares me how big he'll be when he is actually a year old, ha! I put him next to her daughter & they were almost the same size. Her daughter is taller & leaner & Jarrett is a chunky monkey. I love that he is my little chunky monkey!

I took these today with my phone at work:
He has almost outgrown his bouncy seat!
I turned around & he had almost squirmed his way out of his seat! Silly boy...
For comparison, here is a picture of him in his swing when he was only 7 days old!
I can't believe he is more than double the size of when we brought him home. I feel so blessed that he is healthy & growing to be a beautiful boy!


  1. i know..i love them! but none of them fit my babe around the waist and the ones that do look like booty!

    omg..he is a BIG boy...sweet chunk of a baby :)

    And I totally have to strap my girl in's amazing they wiggle as much as they do!

  2. He's so sweet - I hadn't realized he had grown so much until you compared the photos!

  3. those are cute - i'm headed there on my lunch break!

  4. Jarrett is so cute! Love the pics.
    Can't believe he can almost work his way out of that seat....before ya know he'll be zipping all around :)

  5. I cannot believe how much he has grown! Hadlea is 13 pounds and seems smaller than other babies her age. I think she is just going to be lean and tall like her daddy..he is 6'4! :) Oh those cheeks...I just want to pinch them! Ha!

  6. i wanna hug him but beware, i might not give him back.

  7. whoa! I haven't visited your blog in way too long. he's HUGE! I love the swing pictures!

  8. He looks like such a big boy in his shorts and shoes. We are still wearing baby onesies!