Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Blonde & pictures of my mini-man

Wellllll, I decided I had crossed the dark side long enough. I tried was okay, but I think I prefer blonde. I might try brown again someday, but for some reason I feel better blonde! (and I wanted to match Jarrett, haha...j/k *sorta*)

I snapped this picture in the car to show my sis:

What do you think? Like it back blonde?

Here are a few pictures of the little man I took with my phone camera this past week. Isn't he starting to look so big! He is holding his head up really well. He is super fussy b/c we think he is starting to teeth. We got baby orajel & the teething tablets. What is the best thing you've used for a teething baby? Just curious if there is something out there that we haven't found. He is still super fussy with both of those & the orajel makes him drool like crazy!

Anyways, on to the pics!



  1. Orajel makes a tough layer on the gums that prevents the teeth from breaking through sooner. I am a big fan of the Teething Tablets, and that is what seemed to work the best/not slow down the process. Good luck, a teething baby makes for a stressed out Momma! It is just so sad to see your baby in pain with no way to take it away. Life lessons I suppose! I love the hair, I was just debating on whether I should change up mine! I think it is cause summer is around the corner!

  2. I've heard the same thing about orajel! ^ Nothing worked for us, though. I got those mesh food feeders, and put frozen fruit in them. That seemed to work great. But, my son teethed a lot without getting teeth. He is 15 months and only has 3 all the way through, and one partially through. It's been insane!

  3. Definitely like the blonde better...looks very cute!

    Awesome poics of Jarrett...he's getting so big!


  4. Love the blonde!! Do you color it yourself, or have it done? It is a great color. I never had much luck with orajel either. I just simply used baby tylenol to ease pain.

  5. Gooner LOVES the mesh bags. We put frozen mango from the frozen fruit section. They are beyond awesome!

  6. Love the hair...very pretty.

    And did his legs get so long so fast??? He is growing like crazy:)

  7. Love the hair! Really cute! And so is that baby boy - adorable!