Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Talking to the Angels

Jarrett's babysitter Mila has told me that he talks to the angels in her apartment. Well, yesterday at lunch when I was over at Mila's by myself, I set Jarrett down to change his diaper. I change him on her bed under a big poster of an angel & other angels hanging on her wall. He was MESMERIZED over these angels! I thought it was the funniest thing! Here is some video I took with my phone of Jarrett talking to the angels. You HAVE to watch these, they are so cute!!

Anyways, I think Jarrett is talking to the angels about getting our good friends Summer & Kim an angel of their own. My heart is aching for both of them right now. Please keep both of these wonderful women in your prayers. They both long so deeply to be a mother & I know one day they will. Until then, we will just keep praying SO STRONG for them. We love you Summer & Kim!


I also wanted to do kinda a "Blog Shout Out" about a friend from High School who started blogging. She is married & has a little girl they call "Tootsie" (who is just so adorable beyond words) I love reading her blog. It makes me giggle in the middle of the day reading her posts b/c she is so funny & witty. We weren't great friends in High School, but darn it...I think we should've been b/c it seems like we have a lot in common. Go follow "The Life of Leigh". I think lots of women can relate to her & her charm ;)


One more thing!!! Becky is having a scheduled c-section at noon tomorrow!!! OMG - I can't wait to meet my new nephew. Please keep my sidder in your prayers. I know she is so ready to meet her baby & be out of pain. My sister is my second half & I couldn't live without her. I love you Becky & I wish I could be with you tomorrow.



  1. omg..tooo cute!!

    I pray for summer everyday..pretty sure she doesn't know I :)

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY I can't wait to see your sweet best keep us updated!

  2. Hi Bonnie!! I miss you :)
    Hope everything is going good.
    I watched the videos of sweet, little Jarrett talking to the sweet and cute is that?!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I just went to your friend Leigh's blog. I really like it, and I'm glad I stopped by there :) I added myself to her followers.

    Lastly, I'm SO EXCITED for your sister! How exciting! Yipeeeeeeee!!

    Hope to chat with you soon!!

  3. This is so adorable! My sweet little "nephew" is getting so big!! You guys have got to come over this weekend!!

    I am so excited for Becky to bring her little one into to the world and make you and auntie!!! I will keep her in my thoughts! Text me and let me know how its going.
    Love you,

  4. Jarrett is just so adorable!!

    I am sending you a GREAT BIG bloggy hug for your sweet words - I can't wait until we're all sharing stories about our silly kiddos!

    I'm headed over to check out Leigh, and I'm praying for Becky - I can't wait to see Connor!

  5. so cute!!

    I have been keeping Summer and Kim in my prayers.