Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Yes Ladies...

I'm a Chick Magnet! (at least my mom thinks so)

Here are a couple of videos we took tonight. It's crazy the things you'll say to make a baby smile, huh? Apparently Jason was trying to get Jarrett to smile by saying "taco" over & over. I can't say I do much better with thinking of what to say. I think if you say anything in a high pitched voice & you sound happy, it will make him smile...until he gets HUNGRY!

You can tell I'm working on his first word being "Ma-ma" ;) Also, he starts smiling so cute about 4 minutes into this video. I know its kinda long, but I post these for our memories & for my family & friends. Enjoy!
(mom, don't freak out by the dog being near the baby! They love him!)



  1. He looks a lot like his daddy in those pictures!!

  2. Oh my gracious! He is adorable. He does look like your hubby! (Can't believe he's never been to the beach! Girl, you need to take him on a weekend getaway soon! Matt's never been to Disney and I keep telling him he's missing out on the most magical place ever!)

    You know what's sad? One day you'll look back and compare pics and that bib will fit perfectly - or - be too small for him! Enjoy every second!!! I'm telling you from experience. It happens so quickly, It makes me tear up just typing this to you! Especially remember this during those long sleepless nights, times when you're up all night with a sick baby and during temper tantrums when they reach toddlerhood (these days can seem LONG!). Babyhood, especially, and childhood is just a small season of their life! Enjoy this precious gift from God, I know you are!!! Such sweet times and I can tell you guys are awesome parents!


    P.S. Tell Jason I'm now craving a TACO, TACO, TACO!!!