Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I can't express how lucky I feel that Jarrett is able to spend some time with me at work. AND, he has a wonderful babysitter. God has really been looking after us. I think I have a high maintenance baby though. Jarrett went through FOUR outfits today.

Outfit #1: I put him in an outfit before we left the house.
Outfit #2: He was changed into a new outfit by the time I got to Mila's for lunch. He pee'd all over me at lunch (the diaper leaked through his clothes & soaked mine). I should probably think about taking a change of clothes for myself.
Outfit #3: He puked all over outfit #2 before I left work.
Outfit #4: I gave him a bath tonight & changed him again.

He is my little smiling stud.



  1. He's adorable! I love his stripped sleeper.

  2. He is so cute! I have to change C often too.. whether for pee, spit up, etc. It's frustrating!

  3. my brother said when my nephew was a new born that he needed a change of clothes more times then the baby did! :)

  4. haha! i always take an extra shirt!

    he is so cute!

    what kind of diapers do you use? we use pampers swaddles!

  5. Nope, the 4 outfits in a day thing: completely normal for his age.