Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Product Reviews

I've seen these on other blogs & I know there are a few new or soon-to-be moms out there that might be wondering what to buy for their baby. I thought I would put my 2 cents in on what we are using the most & what we really have found useful for Jarrett. So, here is my review on a few items:

Zip-up Sleep & Plays. These are a little harder to find than you might think. I have found a few at Kohl's & Target. But, we LOVE the zip-up style of sleep & plays b/c they are SO easy to get on the baby. You don't have to fuss with buttons, just "zip" the baby right up!

Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Mirror. I bought this a week or two ago & Jarrett is LOVING it. I keep it in the car in front of his car seat to entertain him. It plays classical music & will say the colors in 3 different languages. It also has a timer that goes up to 60 minutes (I think?)

I have to throw in that I bought the Baby Einstein Mozart DVD & the Baby Einstein Wake Up & Goodnight CD today. We watched the DVD tonight & he seemed to really enjoy it & surprisingly I did too! I haven't listened to the CD yet, but I can give a review later :)

Dr. Brown Baby Bottles. Yes, these are a pain to wash & put together (they have 4 parts to each bottle), but Jarrett seems to do great with them. Jason & I had read reviews on bottles before deciding what kind to buy. These all had high reviews & we have no complaints. My only advice is to not buy to many 4 oz. bottles because the baby will quickly be eating more. I recommend buying mostly the 8 oz.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Music & Motion Soother
. It's hard to entertain a newborn baby, but Jarrett loves LIGHT. This was a gift from Jason's uncle & Jarrett stays pretty entertained with this attached to his crib. It is very soothing & he loves to watch it light up & the little characters move around in it.

The Sleep Sheep from Pottery Barn Kids. I bought this when Jarrett was born & I keep this in his crib too. I like to put it on the rain sound & play it with his Precious Planet soother on the nature sounds. A lady in the store when I was in there buying this for him said her little boy was 3 years old & still using the sheep to this day! I love this sheep.

Well, that's all I can think of to review right now. I wanted to add a poll for my hair & just see what people say. Vote on the sidebar :)



  1. love the zip up sleepers and we have that soother as well. my only complaint is that it doesn't last very long.

    you know, I purchased one dr. brown's bottle (when I was trying out different bottles to see what would help with the reflux) and immediately put it to the side because of all the parts. i'm intimidated.

  2. Those are great tips!! Thanks!!!

  3. The zipper sleepers: I'm sooooooo with ya, gal. We LOVED those.

    Those 3am diaper changes & feedings: so much easier when you don't have to jack with snaps!

  4. All good reviews. Have you tried the Praise Baby DVD's? I liked those so much better than the Einsteins. Just a lot less annoying for Mommys. Audrey actually still watches them!

    We always used Dr. Browns and loved them. Helped so much with the reflux issues we had. I just got a bottle washing basket for the dishwasher and threw the pieces in there. Made washing a TON easier!!