Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

Jason & I FINALLY went to see Avatar. It was SOOOOOOOO good! I'm so glad we got to see it at the imax & in 3D before it left the theater. We went to Costco & picked up some formula & diapers too. After the movie we went to eat at Pei Wei. Their Honey Seared chicken is delish.

Jarrett stayed with his Grammy & Great-Grandma while we went out. He has been so fussy tonight! I love it when he sticks out his lower lip & pouts. He is so cute!

It's all good again...

He also loves to pull his mommy's hair...



  1. haha..I never want to see that movie! Not my style!

    Jarrett is such a little doll...I love the lip puckers!

  2. What a cutie pie! And I loved loved loved that movie Avatar. I took my boys reluctantly because honestly I did not have a desire to see it. Well I think I loved it more than them!

  3. I just love the last picture! So sweet! I also love his "grandma" shirt/onesie...this is going to be so true for my mom! It will be her first grandbaby!

  4. He is getting so big so fast! Watch out - Wells STILL loves to pull & play with my hair. I think I might have a permanent bald spot from it - ha! Love the college id's - brought back some UCA memories of eating in the caf!

  5. I didn't think babies pulled hair until much later on...Hadlea is constantlly pulling mine! :) He is so adorable!