Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jarrett's first snow!

We had a great time going home to Arkansas & the weather was crazy! It snowed Sunday night & all day Monday. It was snowing HUGE flakes. I have a lot of pics to post, but I thought I would just post the pics of his first snow tonight. Jarrett did SOOOO good flying to & from Arkansas. He didn't cry at all on the plane & people were saying "that's the best baby I've ever been with on a plane!" I was a proud momma ;) We are so happy that we are back in Vegas safe & sound & Jarrett's daddy missed him like "fire". (his words, not mine)

Tomorrow is Jarrett's 2 month check-up & I believe he'll get his shots...gulp. I'll post more pics tomorrow. I'm so tired!

Mommy & Jarrett in his first snow:

Mom & dad's front yard:

the back deck:

Nana made snow ice cream & it was delish!

And, just to take a break from the freezing cold weather for a bit. I've been getting quite a few e-mails with the new Yellow Box flip-flop styles. I LOOOOOOVE YELLOW BOX SHOES! I want to get a couple of new pairs for summer. So, far these are my favs:

You can find lots of styles at or


  1. So happy you guys are back safe and sound, and glad you had fun on your trip. Also, I'm so happy Jarrett was such a great little traveler :) Woohoo!

  2. Glad he was a good baby on the plane! The snow is crazy!!!!! We're suppose to get more tonight...

  3. The snow is gorgeous! We've gotten a lot here in OK - very unusual but we love it! Glad you made it there & back safely.
    I love the first pair of flipflops! I'll have to check out my local shoe store to see if they've gotten their new styles in!

  4. Snow Icecream mmmm Ill have to try that! Your little man is so sweet and tiny, they only stay that small fora second so enjoy it!
    I LOVE Yellow Box!!!!

  5. welcome home! I am glad you guys had a great trip!

    I can't believe all that SNOW!!! That is so neat!

  6. Cute pics! I can't believe all that snow. It's so crazy!

  7. That snow ice cream looks yummy!

    I love Yellow Box shoes cute :)

  8. OMG..I love the snow pictures!!

    I haven't gotten brave enough to take mine out in without her carseat cover and 2 blankets..LOL

  9. welcome back! glad you had a good trip. we made snow ice cream today! yum!!!

    i have never heard of yellow box, but those are adorable flip flops!

  10. I live in Iowa where we get lots of snow but i've never heard about snow ice cream? Please share the details, it looks delish!

  11. To make snow ice cream:
    large bowl of clean fresh snow
    1 can of Pet milk
    1 can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk
    1 1/2 cup sugar
    1 tsp. vanilla

    Mix cans of milk,sugar and vanilla. Slowly add snow until desired thickness. Enjoy!

    Bonnie's Mom (Vicki)

  12. He is adorable! I have a new grand baby that is around the same age. He was born on Nov.20th. Isn't this snow something?

  13. Your baby is precious!! My grandson is seven months now! Nothing like a baby to make life more exciting! Came by way of Pamela's linky snow party! Stay warm.

  14. How cute he is. I love snow ice cream. I wonder if I have any vanilla. Hmmmm.

  15. Wish I could wear those cutie flip flops right now!!~ Come and check out SC!!~ it is gorgeous!

  16. That SNOW ice cream brings back sooooo many childhood memories...thanks for sharing! I too luv YELLOW BOX FLIP FLOPS...wear them 10 months a year:)