Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Boy

My first week back at work has been going pretty well. Jarrett is in such good hands with Mila (the lady that is watching him). She loves him SO much! He is the only baby that she watches & she takes such good care of him. She feeds him, sings to him, bathes him... I feel so lucky to have him on the property where I'm working & I'm able to see him over lunch. But, why do I feel like I'm still missing out on a bunch of his smiles, coo's, feedings, etc.? I already take so much more advantage of the time I have with him in the mornings, over my lunch & when we get home. It is really hard. I was going to start working part-time from 10 AM - 5 PM, but I talked to my boss about it & coming in 2 hours later every day wouldn't make that much of a difference in our schedule & if I went to part time I wouldn't accrue paid vacation & sick time. So, she came up to my office & said "Let's make a deal. You stay full-time & I'll let you bring the baby up to the office with you 2 days a week & we'll try to figure out how to let you come in at 9 AM sometimes". I think I'm going to take this deal. She is agreeing to this at least until Jarrett is walking or until he needs more attending to. I am very fortunate to have such a cooperative boss who is willing to work with me & let me be with my baby as much as possible. I love our little man so much & I miss him every second I'm away from him. I hope this will work out & be the next best thing.

Here are a few recent pictures off my phone:

Jarrett smiling at his babysitter Mila's today:

Obviously dreaming of his mommy ;)

Beautiful Boy!

Mommy's little froggie:

Here are a few photos we took of Jarrett last night. He is such a sweet, happy boy!

I also wanted to let some of you know that I appreciate the BLOG awards & hopefully I'll update with them soon! I'm still so tired & now going back to work is slowing me down even more. But, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  1. I think that is a GREAT deal!! Praise the Lord for such an understanding boss =)

  2. What a great boss and a great deal! I love the new pictures of the baby - he gets cuter every day! :o) And it looks like he has a wonderful babysitter - even better that you can go see him during lunch too and get your "baby fix" - LOL Have a great weekend!:o)

  3. That is so nice of your boss to offer that to you!! I'm glad your first week went well!

  4. That's so exciting to be able to take his to work with you a few days a week. He is growing so fast!

  5. how sweet is he!!

    omg..I can just imagine miss mila's accent..I bet she does just love on him all day!

  6. He's getting so big and I LOVE those pouty face pics! I think it's awesome your boss is being so cooperative, what a blessing!