Friday, January 15, 2010

Visit to Daddy's work

Today we went to see Daddy at work. Everyone loved Jarrett & thought he was the cutest baby EVER! (of course, who wouldn't?) Here are a few pictures from our visit today. I know the computers don't make the most beautiful backdrop ;)

Our good friend Amy came over from corporate when she got off to see Jarrett:

I think he is saying in this picture "I'm almost 4 weeks old!"

We also tried a little bit of "tummy time" & Jarrett LOVED it! He stayed happy on his tummy for a good 20 minutes:

Playing with Daddy when he got home:

OKAY...getting sleepy here! Hope ya'll have a good weekend :)



  1. Hi Bonnie--
    Love the pictures. Looks like you had fun at Jason's office today :) That's great!
    The picture where Jarrett is holding up 4 fingers is too funny... I got such a kick out of that!
    Glad you all had fun. Oh, and nice chatting with you today :) It's so nice sharing stories.
    You're so nice!

  2. I know i say this everytime... He is a doll!! Enjoy every minute. They grow up way too fast. Hugs... Leslie

  3. He is super cute! I hope you're doing better in the sleep department!

  4. those pics are great, but good grief i want you hair!

    what products do you use? email me!

    thanks- ash

  5. love the pics! and his sleeper is so sweet!

  6. Well, of COURSE everyone wanted to see him!

    Jason: no propping the bottles. No matter how tired you are. Ear infections, choking hazards, and possible aspiration. Not worth it.
    I'm just sayin'....... Not judging---just saying.....

  7. Awe! I love all the pictures he's growing already! Sweet Jarrett Auntie Becky LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!