Monday, January 18, 2010

Pictures taken the night my water broke & Vegas shower - LOTS OF PICTURES!

Jason's mom's boyfriend took a few pictures of Jason & I...ironically they were taken the night my water broke! We had gotten together with Jason's family that Sunday to do a dirty Santa game & eat. I ate so much that night. That was a BIG mistake b/c I had to go so bad after I got checked into the hospital & lets just say they wouldn't let me get up & go on the pot. I think they turned out really cute & I can always look back at these & tell Jarrett "this is the night my water broke!"

Jason & I with his mom & grandma:

The Saturday before we had a baby shower with Jason's family & a few friends here in Vegas. Here are a few photos taken from that night:

I have no idea what we were talking about here, but it looks like it was something gross, ha!

I can't believe how HUGE I look in some of those pictures! I've lost 29 of the 35 lbs. that I gained now. I would like to start on Weight Watchers again & try to lose more b/c I was already overweight when I got pregnant. We'll see! Maybe I can get Becks to do it with me after she has her baby :D

And, finally here are a few pictures when Grammy (Jason's mom) came to visit one night:



  1. Bonnie--
    I LOVE all of the pictures...they are just so cute!
    So cool that you had so many from the same night your water broke...that's nice.
    Loved the ones of Jarrett too...he's so stinkin' cute :)
    Thanks for sharing all of the pics!

  2. I love all of these! I also think that its cool to have pictures of the night your water broke! :)

  3. the picture of you on the couch---Jason leaning over & kissing your head with outstretched hands on your belly....that's just love right there. so sweet.

    the "gross" conversation picture: I'd kill you for posting that if that were me! It did make me giggle though.


    And I swear Jarrett is just sooooo beautiful!

  4. Fun pics!! They are all great!

  5. The pictures are great!! Your hubby looks so sweet with his hands on your belly in all the pictures! AAWWW!!!