Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Month Old

My baby is one month old today! It seems like time sure has flown by & he is getting sweeter every day. Even when I'm so sleep deprived, I feel so blessed to have this little angel in my life.

Jarrett is wearing 0-3 month clothing. He eats 3-4 oz. of formula or breast milk every 2-4 hours & LOVES to eat. The most he's slept is a 4-hour span & then he will wake up & want to eat again. He LOVES tummy time & also loves taking a bath, but hates getting his ears & nose cleaned out afterwards. Mommy makes daddy clean his nose out because he HATES it so much! He's trying to hold his head up & has been a strong boy since the day he was born. He is pretty stubborn (I wonder where he gets that from??? :P) He loves his soothie pacifier, but has a lot of trouble keeping it in his mouth.

We just love you so much baby boy & you are our everything!



  1. I can't believe he is already a month old!!

    He's so precious! that onsie ;)

  2. Wow - he's already a month old!! He's very cute - I just want to hold him!!

  3. Happy One Month! :)

    He is precious.

  4. Awwwww, I didn't realize you had such a teeeeeeny one. I swear the first year just FLIES by! He is so adorable! Check out BonBon today. You're a winner!

  5. He is SO adorable!!

    How has a month gone by already?!? Time just flies..

  6. WHAT?!? A month! My word time goes by so fast! He sure is adorable!

  7. How is he already a month old?!?! He's growing so fast!

    Love the picture next to the sock puppet! Too cute!

  8. Happy one month old! I can't believe our babies are already a month old, where has this month gone???

  9. Just found your blog. You little man is adorable!! My little guy is 5 months old now. New follower :)

  10. a month??? wow!

    so cute!

    it looks like his hair is red!
    I love it.