Friday, January 22, 2010

Lucky Day

It has been a great day today! I've never won anything from a blog before, but today I was a winner in Bon Bon Rose's Birthday Giveaway!

I won the Albuquerque Knitted Scarf from Ruche.

THEN, I was notified that I won a $25 gift card to The Toggery in Little Rock, Arkansas for being a fan on Facebook. Since I don't live in Little Rock anymore, she gave me a code to use for the store online.

Woo-hoo! I could get used to all this winning ;)

I'm also so excited a few of my FAVORITE shows have started back up:

I love Vampire Diaries. Maybe its my obsession with Twilight, but I really love the show & all the characters. Sometimes I think the characters on that show would've been better in the movie, because Kristen Stewart drives me nuts sometimes. I also love Fringe. If you haven't watched it, your missing out. It's kinda like CSI + X-Files = Fringe. And, who doesn't love the nutty auditions at the start of the season of American Idol!?

Jarrett has been an ANGEL today. He slept for 4 hours last night & got up to eat for 30 minutes & then slept another 2 hours. He got a bath this morning & ate. He's been up a few more times, but has slept most of the day, which has allowed me to get a few things done. I hope this streak last!



  1. You're on a roll! Congrats on all the wins. There's nothing like baby sleeping at least 4 hours :-)

  2. omg! i love vamp. diaries too!!!

    And I HAVE to wake my babe up every 2 hours to not I think she would sleep 7 hours straight!

  3. I love the Fringe. I have know clue how they come up w/ that stuff that's on there. Yay for winning and for more sleep!

  4. Yipeeeeeeeee!! Congrats Bonnie--how awesome :) I'm so happy for you.
    Also, I'm so glad Jarrett is sleeping for longer periods. It sure does make all the difference doesn't it?!
    Can't wait to get together soon.

  5. I saw where you won the scarf this morning, it's beeeeutiful! And that sweet baby boy is, too! :) Woohoo little guy, keep up the sleeping! We Mama's like that.... :)

  6. He is so cute! I'm glad to hear that he is doing so well!

    Congrats on the winnings!

  7. How PRECIOUS is your little man! Congrats!! Also, I saw you had won the Toggery gift card and it made me smile!! Hope you are doing great~

  8. That scarf is beautiful! congrats!!

  9. you won the scarf! jealous!

    you deserve it.

    i miss you...