Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Moon Mania, Books & Bean

I went to Borders last week & I couldn't believe the HUGE section of Twilight stuff they had. I'm sure there are a lot of tweenies that will get tons of Twilight stuff for Christmas this year. I've sorta calmed down a little bit over Twilight compared to a year ago. I still love the books & I've read them all about 3 times now. I just think it is crazy how much stuff they have now!

$8.00 for a 24-pack of bandaids anyone?

I bought a book at Borders for Jarrett that my mom had shown Jason a while back. It is about a Siamese cat that thinks he is a Chihuahua. It is called "Skippyjon Jones" & I recommend it to anyone! It is SOOOOO cute! They even had a doll, but I couldn't break down & spend $9.00 on a tiny doll the size of my hand. Maybe someday if Jarrett really likes the books.

And, my very own Skippy Bean! My dad got this DOG toy for Jarrett, but I gave it to the dogs. It shrieks like a monkey & squeaks - I gave it to Billie Bean & she LOVES it! She has gone NUTS over this toy & it is so funny! I wish I could figure out how to post the video I took from my cell phone of her playing with it, but it won't upload right.



  1. I love Skippyjonjones!! Those books are soooo cute. I am buying them up. I want one of those stuffed animals of him.

  2. Awww... what a CUTE puppy you have there - the toy is bigger than your baby! HA! And as much as I "like" Twilight - I would NOT spend $8.00 for bandaids! HA! Have a great day! xoxoxo

  3. I cannot believe that they have an entire section for all of the Twilight/New Moon stuff! Wow. The book for Jarrett sounds really cute and the dog toy for Billie Bean is too funny. I love that it looks longer than her :) I have a toy for Chase like that.

    If/when I come back to Vegas I would love to get together! I was sorry that I missed you last time. There is a chance I may be coming again in February for Geof’s work. If I do, I’ll definitely let you know <3 Jules

  4. We haven't read Skippyjon jones, but will check it out for sure! Twilight bandaids...reallly????

  5. SkippyJonJones are great books! I use those in my classroom.

  6. P.S. I left you an award on my blog!