Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bellagio at Christmas & weekend runaround

Jason & I went down to the Bellagio today to see the Christmas decorations & they were so pretty! It is amazing what they can do with all those flowers & nuts.

I got asked at least 3 times today when I was due! I MUST be looking pretty big these days ;)

Jason & I eating brunch at the Bellagio. It was SOOOOOOOOOO good! It was nice to get out today, just the two of us before the baby is born. I'm not sure my feet can take another weekend of running around.

Really delish desserts:

We also went down to the Osh Kosh & Carter's outlet & got Jarrett some really cute stuff. We bought the winter stuff in the 1st picture in 6 month sizes b/c he is going to be our little chunky monkey! The summer stuff is in 9 month sizes. Everything in the stores were 50-70% off & we didn't pay over $9 for anything.

I love the overalls with the train thermal onsie underneath. Jason picked that out. We also got a penguin shirt b/c his Nana Altland loves penguins & a "grandma" shirt for Jason's mom:

The bottom 2 outfits I got from JC Penney's a while ago. The plaid squid outfit in the upper right corner was only $2.99! The one on the upper left I had to get b/c it had a monkey & was so cute:

When I was home, my mom bought me these baskets to put under Jarrett's changer for diapers. I think they are PERFECT! Thanks mom:

And, wouldn't you know the size 1-2 diapers from Costco have monkeys on them! We've looked at tons of reviews for diapers & these diapers have really good ratings & they are a good deal to buy in bulk from Costco:

And, in other news, we finally got Jarrett's closet doors in & installed! They look great. I will post pictures of his nursery when I'm done. Right now, I'm not even close. I'm still expecting the bedding I ordered mid-October. I e-mailed the girl last week & she said she would mail it off's hoping:

And, we got the stroller & pack n play in! They look great & I can't wait to use them:



  1. I love all the pictures of the Christmas decorations! But I am dying to see Jarrett's nursery! Try to get some rest these next few weeks!

  2. Hi Bonnie!
    Oh the Bellagio looks SOOO GOOD!! I want to get down there so bad soon to check everything out. Great pictures :) You look so cute... can't believe soon Jarett will be here...amazing!
    Have a great day :)

  3. Wow it is beautiful there!! I have always wanted to go the Vegas to see all the pretty decorated hotels. Also your stroller and pack n' play pattern is the cutest thing ever! I swear they come out with more and more cute stuff every year.

  4. Wow, those decorations look amazing!

    The baby stuff: isn't it SO.MUCH.FUN!?
    When Hubby got our stroller/travel system put together---we fought over who was going to push it around the house first. Then, when Gage got here---we'd be out in public quietly arguing about who was going to get to push Gage in the stroller. It was so cute looking back on it now...

  5. So pretty! It's getting hard for me to walk around a lot so I can just imagine for YOU! Those desserts look so yummy and I love all the clothes! So cute!

  6. It is so amazing how the Bellagio transforms the inside for the different seasons. You got some beautiful photos, Bon! It looks so magical. The brunch they have there is so delicious. I was so full when I left!

    The baby clothes are so cute and it sounds like you got a great deal on everything. The baskets for the diapers are a great idea and I cannot believe that you found monkey diapers. So cute! It looks like everything is coming together :)

  7. Love the pattern you picked out! Best wishes with the little man!

  8. I love all of the pictures! Bellagio looks SO very good! You're adorable and I love all of the stroller & play pen! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. My goodness - those decorations are breath-taking! How neat to be so close to just run over and see them.

    I love all the stuff you've gotten for Jarrett's room - I think it's going to turn out great, and I can't wait to see the finished room. Not to mention pictures of the little man!

  10. you look great!!! and i love all the baby stuff. adorable!! can't wait to see his nursery!

  11. I love all the fun pictures of your adventures. The deserts look so yummy!