Friday, October 30, 2009

Twilight Panties!?!

Oh my goodness, can you believe they have Twilight - Robert Pattinson panties now!? I love Twilight, but I don't think I'll be wearing RPattz panties anytime soon. I can't wait to see New Moon with my mom & sister when I go home in less than a month! I just read they wrapped Eclipse yesterday. I can't believe they already finished filming the 3rd film & its set to release on June 30, 2010. I hope they will make Breaking Dawn, or I will be upset :(



  1. Oh my, that is just wrong wrong wrong! And I agree with Becky...I blushed a bit at that last picture.

  2. To throw a Texas twangy comment out there:
    "that ain't right. that just ain't right."

  3. WOW - that is not something I was expecting to see! HA!

  4. oh goodness... this is a little much... haha