Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boy Stuff

Here is the package I got from my mom last week. She sent me some really cute little boy clothes that he can wear next spring/summer. I love everything she sent! She also sent this sweet note & addressed it to Jarrett :) On the other side of the envelope she put "The first time I wrote his name!", but I didn't get a picture of that. Thanks so much mom! I love you SO much!
(I don't think our babies will be spoiled at all)



  1. Awe! So precious! I helped pick out the little crab outfit when I was home with Mom :) He's gonna be stylin! LOVE YOU!

  2. they are cute, you will find that finding cute clothes for boys is challenging but they are soooo cute when done right

  3. ah!! soooo cute..omg! can dress a little boy just as sweet!!!

    That monkey one is my fav.!!