Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm reading them again...

I started reading the "Twilight" series again. I've read/listened to it on my ipod several times before. I think I'm slightly obsessed with Twilight. The books are just so good & I love the story! I can't wait to see "New Moon" in November. Hopefully, I'll be going home to Arkansas during that week for Thanksgiving & I can see it with my mom, sister & Aunt who have all read the books to. We all love them! (me & Becky are slightly more obsessed though) I love my sister, we relate to each other so well :) She understands me & I understand her. I think during that time we will also have a DOUBLE baby shower. That will be so fun. I can't believe we are both having babies & they will be the same age. Maybe they will be like twins too!

I wish I could find something just as good to read. Do any of ya'll have any good suggestions on a good love story or suspense novel to read?

Here is a new belly pic. At 14-15 weeks.



  1. I have been thinking about reading the books over again! I love them! Hey, I will be in AR for Thanksgiving also. Please invite me to yalls shower. I would love to go and see you two! I am so excited for both of you!!!

  2. I have a few suggestions. Emily Giffin wrote a series of books, and though they are not as good as the Twilight Saga they are a great read. All of her books are great, but the best two are Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. Also Tori Spelling's books, and Chelsea Handler's. They both gave me a big laugh.

    Double baby shower... I am jealous!

  3. i can't wait till you guys both come back to the good state :)

    i get to see becky and terence in september (headed to the big-D for a horse show) so i do expect an invite to the double shower, so i can see you again.


  4. The True Blood series by Charlaine Harris are really good. They are also about vampires. I have read all of the books in this series so far and really enjoyed them. In fact I would even say that I liked them better than Twilight.

  5. I really need to jump on the Twilight bandwagon!! You are such a cute preggo and look great to be 14-15 weeks along! I just noticed you Starbuck Junkie pic on the sidebar and it makes me laugh bc I have the same addiction!!

  6. I don't think anything could be better than twilight..lol.

    Cute belly :)

    I'm gonna post one next week..lol..maybe!

  7. awww. cute! and reading them again????

  8. btw...do you true blood? i think i want to start watching season 1.