Friday, June 19, 2009

The smell of sweet roses

My hubby walked in the door from work last night with a dozen white roses. It really made my day! We had such a good time yesterday morning getting to see the baby move & flip. And, meeting the doctor. It is so amazing how God can create such a little miracle from almost nothing. I'm so blessed to have found a wonderful man who loves me more than anything in the world & treats me wonderful. I had to go through some rough times before finding him, but I'm so thankful to call Jason my husband & feel blessed to have him in my life. He is my everything! I think we are going to be great parents ;)



  1. Oh!
    I just got caught up on the past few posts.

    so of course, I have a few things to say....

    your hubby---rocks!
    your cooking---looks yummy.
    your sister---rocks! (hello...nice wallet!)
    your belly. oh my gosh. how cute & happy are you???
    your sono pics---couldn't you just look at them every day? I mean really----don't you just want more & more & more to look at!?

    Best book for us during pregnancy:
    ---Pregnancy Sucks for Men---
    Hubby & I both enjoyed this book. I got it for him to read, and he did. As the pregnancy progressed he read about the stage/month/week we were in. The nice thing about this book is that it relates to men & thoughts/concerns that are more unique to men. (for example: you say "we're pregnant!" you may be immediately thinking 'boy or girl!?', and he may immediately start wondering if his 401K has enough money in there for retirement, if he starts adding 2% less each month in order to cover college tuition, etc.) AND---if gives your hubby a play by play of what's going on with the baby, a play by play of what's going on with your changing body, and tips on how he can make YOUR life better right now. What could be better, right???

    You should hit half priced books if there is one in your area. They've always got the "what to expect..." books & usually a pretty good selection of others.

  2. Love the roses! You have a sweet husband - you'll both be awesome parents!

  3. HOw sweet!! I never get flowers! You do have an awesome man! He is a keeper!! Yes, you both will be great parents!! <3 ya

  4. Oh, that is so sweet. What beautiful roses! Jason sounds like the sweetest guy. I know you two will be awesome parents!!

  5. You WILL be great parents :)

  6. I think you are going to be great parents too!!
    And what a sweet hubby you have =)

  7. The roses are beautiful and Jason sounds like he is a great man. I know that you will be a great mommy and daddy :)

  8. How sweet of him, I love that! :)

  9. How sweet! It is always nice to get flowers. Thanks for coming to visit me and the sweet words about my daughter. Congrats on your pregnancy!!