Monday, June 22, 2009

Rabid psycho werewolves are the new maltipoos

I was looking through a few old pictures & found these of when Jason put the old werewolf mask his grandma used to have on Milton. My great-grandma had a mask just like that when Becky & I were little & she used to scare us with it too! Milton is such a good sport...he lets me dress him up & play with him all the time :) I love my fur babies!



  1. The 2nd pic is classic! What a silly cute :)

  2. AWH! Thanks for the sweet comment about my girls.
    I have heard the teenage years can be rough with two girls, the same age, and trust me......we have already started praying. HA! :)
    I hope they too will be best friends.
    Congruatlations on your little one.
    How exciting.
    I would love to have another baby.

  3. Oh my gosh Bonnie those pictures are just so stinkin' funny--thanks for the great laugh!