Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wheel of Fortune!

I got a few messages on Facebook to watch an old High School classmate "Jonathan" on Wheel of Fortune. It was pretty cool seeing someone I know on TV spinnin' the wheel! Even though I have never been really good friends with him :P He said on the show he has been married for 5 years now. He looks different than he did in High School, but he looked more mature & good :) It's nice to know people you went to school with are doing well. He won over $10,000 on the show, but didn't get to go to the bonus round. Some annoying old lady did! UGH!

Jason & I met up with his mom to look at a few houses & then we ran by the Boulevard Mall. Jason said he saw "Wayne Static" from the group "Static X". (I've never heard of them before & I didn't actually see the dude) But, I probably would've just walked on by & held on to my purse...



  1. So cool! 10,000 is a lot either way so I'm sure your friend's excited! :)

    And what a coincidence- me & Ronnie were actually talking about Static X the other day because we heard a song of theirs on the radio and we both were really into them in high school..And I had a crush on Wayne. So weird, I know! haha

  2. I didn't see the episode! boo!

  3. Hi Bon!

    yes she is my cousin! She still acts a lot, pleanty of comedies most recently Malcolm in the Middle, and tons of indie films!

    I'm sorry you missed out on being the winner :(

    NEXT TIME!! :)