Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanks Mom & Dad

I got a really sweet card & a pregnancy journal in the mail today from my mom & dad. The card reads:

"For the Soon-to-Be-Mom on Mother's Day

Are you ready for a baby's world
of wonder and surprise-
like fuzzy caterpillars
and the thrill of butterflies?

Are you ready to be hugged
by pudgy peanut butter hands
and kissed in sloppy, sticky ways
all mothers understand?

Are you ready for delighted squeals
while playing peekaboo
with that tiny little 'shadow'
who will always follow you?

Are you ready for a sleepy child
to curl up in your lap
to hear a favorite nursery rhyme
that fades into a nap?

Are you ready for the total bliss
that will fill your family?
Then you're ready for a new baby,
Congratulations, Mom-to-Be!"

Isn't that so sweet? And, the the pregnancy journal is called "Confessions, Cravings, and Contractions - A True-to-Life Pregnancy Journal". Inside my mom wrote "To Our Bonnie on your 1st Mother's Day. We love you, Mom & Dad"



  1. ah i wish i could go through it with my sister. but God has better plans for me I guess.:)

  2. That was very sweet of your parents to send you that!

  3. How wonderful! Congrats on your new edition. I'm sending you warm fuzzy baby vibes :)

  4. How exciting! What a wonderful way to record this journey.

  5. That was such a sweet thing to do. I am so happy for you!!

  6. awe :)
    a boy :)
    Mine says it should be a'll see.

  7. LOL! I fun..I pray for you everyday too :)

    Um..YES..major achin momma boobs especially on the
    And some mild cramps..and weird ones above my belly button..ver weird..lo
    But..I'll take it all :)

  8. Hey girl! I asked my doctor about three things during pregnancy... hair coloring, spray tanning and nail salons... My doctor told me that ALL three were okay! My problem with my hair was that the prenatal vitamins made it grow so fast that the roots would be back after a day of coloring! My roots also got darker during pregnancy! They say it's the hormones. Go color your hair but wait and see... it will start growing out a lot faster than normal. =)