Monday, May 11, 2009


Has anyone ever tried this before? I'm just curious!! A friend that is a pharmacist had told me about it. She is about 14 weeks pregnant & I don't think she is going to try it...but, it sure is tempting. I was wondering if anyone has taken it & how the results turned out.



  1. Have you heard of the chinese baby calendar?
    google it!
    It has been right with 30 people I have asked!

  2. I am dying ot know but I only have two weeks left so i think I can wait :) Congrats!!

  3. Um...lets see none of the wives tales were accurate for me...and the Chinese baby calendar wasn't right for me the first time, but I did not try it the second time. My husband knew both times exactly who was joining our family :-) We had a boy first, and a girl second, and both times my belly looked exactly the same. I'm totally excited to follow you during this pregnancy!