Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday night on the strip with cousin Krista

Jason's cousin Krista called me while I was at work yesterday & asked if I wanted to go out last night. She lives in Reno, but was having a "mommy getaway". The two little boys I posted in my Easter post are hers & they are so adorable! We went to a few shopping places last night & then went to the Titanic exhibit. I had gone to this about a year ago, but it was at the Tropicana. Now it is at the Luxor. It is always such a cool exhibit. The one new thing they had was called "the big piece". It is the largest-ever recovered piece of the Titanic & was brought to the Luxor on August 26, 2008. It is a 15-ton, 15-by-30 foot portion of the ship's hull. Then, we went to eat at the famous Burger Bar. (I got a turkey burger of course!) And, I tried the zucchini fries. They were really good. I had so much fun & I was trying to convince Krista to move back to Vegas, but she likes the cooler weather in Reno. Who can blame her :P
Me & Krista:

Titanic exhibit & "The Big Piece" being hung:

Here is a video of raising "The Big Piece" out of the water:

Burger Bar:

I also got this really cute file/bill organizer from Office Depot for only $4.00! I've been wanting something to organize paperwork with & I think this will do:



  1. Oh I am so glad you got out for a night on the town and had fun :) The "big piece" looks awesome!!! I can't wait to come back and visit!

  2. wow. that would be so cool to see!