Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Bedding

I found some bedding that I really like! I'm kinda sick of our down comforter b/c #1 it doesn't get that cold in Vegas, #2 the button closures always come undone & the comforter shifts underneath the duvet. So, I found this bedding & it is from Pottery Barn. It is a quilt & I got 3 euro shams with it. I found it on Ebay & it was much cheaper than if I had ordered it from the website. Woo-hoo for Ebay.

I also wore this little dress I got from Tar-jay (Target). It is pretty cute on & is on sale right now for $14.99!

And on another note, I fell over the dog gate & landed face first into the carpet. I bruised up my leg pretty bad. Here is a pic of my inner thigh & my calf was pretty bruised up too. I was running late that morning & that should teach me a lesson!



  1. ouch!!!

    LOVE that bedding, and you look so cute in that dress!

  2. The bedding is so pretty. Sorry about your fall. Outch!!!

  3. Ahh!!! That bruise is BAD! I love the know that! And I am still lovin the bangs!

  4. Love the bedding. What is the color. You poor thing, that leg looks awful. What a way to start your day. The dress looks great on you.

  5. Cute finds - thx for sharing!
    I loooove ebay too! I almost bought the Pottery Barn Ogee bedding from there but I can never make up my mind!

    Hope that bruise heals up fast! Looks so painful!

  6. Great bedding! Bed bath and beyond has little clips that you put in the corner of the duvet to prevent moving. The office clips work just as well as those ones!
    Nice bruise! I just recovered from a black eye and a nasty leg bruise. If you want it to go away faster go to whole foods and pick up a homeopathic med called Arnica Montana, it will make it go away super fast. They have a whole section of little blue tubes that they will be in with.

  7. like bedding!! and the dress..really cute! The bruise looks painful :( eeeek.

    ps - i thought i was following your blog, I've got some catching up to do!!


  8. I love that color of bedding!

  9. OMG OMG OMG (and believe me, I am not an OMG sayer) I have been looking for an orange and white down comforter ALL OVER the internet. I have been putting people on watch for it all over the place! I'm doing our bedroom in the new house orange and white with chocolate brown walls and mirrored night stands and clear and crystal and white accents. Where did you fiiiiiiiind this?? PERFECT!