Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Hair!

Today I went to get my hair dyed & cut by a girl named "Chelsy" at ULTA. She was WONDERFUL & so sweet! I spent close to 3 hours at the salon & I was really scared about getting bangs. My sister said I should, but I'm still not to sure how I feel about them...I guess it's to late now! Jason's best friend told me I look like Uma Thurman. I've been told that before, but I dunno. I love the color. It is brown underneath & then two-toned blonde on the top.

I just still don't know about the bangs! GULP.


  1. I think you look much that I ever thought you look old.

    I love them on you!

    The middle pic looks like a carrie underwood to me :)

  2. I think you can pull them off!!!!

  3. omg!!! you are so brave. I love the color and the bangs are really rockin!

  4. Love the color and the bangs! It looks great.