Sunday, March 22, 2009

"All about Me" weekend

On Saturday I got my hair done & today I went & had my nails & toes done! I also went to JC Penneys & did a little shopping b/c I had coupon. I got a few shirts & this really cute necklace. It was on sale for $9.99 & then I got another 30% off that. Gotta love a good deal! I'm so excited to be flying home on Tuesday. I miss my mom & dad & I'm ready to spend some time with the fam. I hope you all had a fab weekend :)
Cute Necklace from JC Penney:

I had to post this for my twin sista. I also got the "Twilight" DVD yesterday! WOO-HOO!

Nails & Toes done:


  1. Love that necklace!!

    And Twilight!!!!

    Your nails are pretty!

  2. I bought Twilight too! I watched it for the first time last night!! I like the book better. :)

  3. WOW!! Your hair looks great Bonnie!! And I can't wait for it to warm up here so I can do my nails!!

  4. I really like the necklace and you gotta love Twilight. Your nails and toes look great too! I love the color.

    I'm glad you're getting to spend some time with the family!