Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jay from "The City"

Does anyone else watch "The City" on MTV? I love that show & "The Hills". Anyways, I saw Jay & his buddy's video the other day from their band "Tamarama" & I have to say, I really like it! The song makes me feel like its summertime! Ha! What do ya'll think?


  1. I never hopped on the Laguna bandwagon, but did dabble in The Hills for a couple of seasons...I got tired of the caddy pettiness so I quit watching prior to The City spin off. (yet I still watch Housewives of Orange County, LOL). That song was pretty good, I have to admit...and it looked so warm!! :)

  2. I watch "the city" too!

    Oh, he is a cutie..My Massey is part rat and jack's quite the pig too!

  3. So..I just realized you LOVE too, hehe!

  4. Team Edward ALL the way. What is your momma! Jake really creeped me out in the last book..ew.

    The foot will be better hopefully in 6 weeks...:)