Monday, February 9, 2009


I got another package from my fab sis today! (we love sending each other things) Thankyou sista & my life wouldn't be complete without you either ;) You mean the world to me too! I miss you.

This package included:

*A sweet V-day card

*Godiva chocolate - OMG

*a pair of very pretty blue-ish drop earrings

*A Yankee car gel sampler

*Our fav gum - Ice Cubes

*A heart "fluff" pen

*Chocolate "Pocket Coffee" - wonder if this will give me a jolt? Hmmm...

Thanks again Becks! I love you!


  1. Oh wow! Those earings are SO cute!!!!

    Glad you have such a sweet sis!

  2. Yall are such awesome sisters!

  3. I think this is just the best idea, sending packages to each other!! Makes me wanna do it with my sister! :)

  4. Please send the Chocolate this way! I need it today!!

    I think that is awesome that you guys send "care" packages. My mom and I did that when she lived in Oklahoma.