Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cleaning out the closet

I've been needing to clean out my closet & get rid of a bunch of clothes for a really, really long time. I was watching an episode of Oprah last week & she had that guy from TLC's "Clean Sweep" on talking about organizing your home. He said that when cleaning out your closet, you need to go through it & look at every piece. Ask yourself "Have I worn this in the past 12 months?". If not, you probably don't need to keep it. I have clothes that I have had since High School (10 years ago) & pants ranging from sizes 6 to 16. I still didn't get rid of as much stuff as I SHOULD have, but I'm really proud of myself for getting rid of this stuff. It always makes me feel better to have things neat & organized...something that hasn't always come naturally to me. But, I am getting a little better at it :)

I also thought this video was really funny. This cat obviously doesn't like other cats! Haha!


  1. Great job! It always makes me nervous when cleaning out my closet. I'm a big "what if" person... What if I lose weight and want to wear this again... which never happens! LOL

    I love the way a clean and organized closet feels!

  2. I have a shirt that I've worn for 15 years.
    The good news---I still wear it regularly, so that would never get donated.

    But, I agree w/ you: it's hard to get rid of clothes. I have a range of sizes in there, and then I validate myself for keeping them: well, I want to have another baby, so I need to keep the bigger sizes for when I get pregnant, and right after I have the baby. The small sizes, well, I just tell myself, that's my goal size---so they may fit again if I start working out.

    Oh, it's just a cruel cruel joke that I play on myself.

    I need to take some motivation from you, and get in there to clean out my closets too!

  3. you read my mind. can you come over and help me???? hahah. ok, even if I like it but have yet to wear it -- it is out?! ok, i can do this. love you!

  4. Yeah! You know a clean and organized room is a HAPPY room! I love you boo! Miss you bunches!

  5. I did this recently as well and I haven't missed anything I got rid of! So gald that I did it!