Monday, November 10, 2008

Obsessed Much?

It's not a secret that me & my twin sister are OBSESSED with "Twilight". We each just recently got the Movie Companion book & it's so neat! I think we are driving both of our husbands nuts b/c we are so into this book & the movie coming up. But, we CAN'T HELP IT! We both just really love the book & Robert Pattinson (who is going to play Edward in the movie is so hot!) But, I refuse to be one of those crazy, obsessive fans that actually thinks Rob is a vampire & walks up to him and asks him to "bite me". (click the link to see what I'm taking about!) But, all in all, it's probably just a phase we're going through...until "New Moon" comes out! Mwahahaha! I'm flying to Dallas to see the movie with my sister on the weekend it opens. I CAN'T WAIT! I love you sidder...we're gonna have so much fun :)


  1. I'm now obsessed too! I'm only on the first book and I wont go see the movie till I get done reading it...but I'm actually surprised that I like it so much!! Vampires and such aren't usually my thing - but this love affair between Edward and Bella is just so...exciting!?

  2. you are the 2nd post today that I've read about this book. AAANNDD two of my local bloggy friends are obsessed, & one of them is going to let me borrow the book. Can't wait to see what all this hustle & bustle is about!