Friday, August 22, 2008

Look Alike?

Okay, so I was reading my blog friend Amy's Blog. She asked if we had ever been compared to anyone or who people thought our "look alike" was. I've been compared to the Country singer "LeeAnn Womack" a few times. Maybe I looked a little more like her back when I was thinner & tan! But, a few years ago in Wal-Mart a guy thought I WAS her! It was crazy...I had no clue who she was b/c I'm not that big of a country music fan. I went back to work and Googled her. I think we have similar eyes & maybe noses? But, I don't know....what do you think? I think she is pretty, so I took it as a compliment!


  1. Y'all do look alike. Definitely the nose and eyes! You'd look more like her with a bit darker hair