Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hash House a Go Go

Jason & I went to eat at a place called "Hash House A Go Go". We had no clue what kind of place it was, but it was close to my work & it said it served "Twisted Farm Food". Being the Southern Gal that I am, that sounded pretty good! A few of the places I am really missing from back home are Cracker Barrel, Dixie Cafe, Backyard Burgers & McAlister's. Given, I'm sure Vegas has a lot more places to eat than Little Rock, Arkansas, but we just haven't discovered them yet & there aren't a lot of southern type places to eat.
Well, we decided to get breakfast for dinner. We had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves in to. First, they served us with these HUGE biscuits that were SO good. Then, we got our meal & I kid you not - our pancakes were the biggest pancakes I've ever seen in my entire life! They were HUGE! I didn't even eat mine, it went to waste. After the biscuit, my eggs & potatoes. I was so full...I couldn't even touch the pancake! It was kind of expensive & I think if we ever go there again, we know to SPLIT the pancake ;)


  1. yowza! That is one HUGE pancake! Looks yummy!

  2. Good ole southern food! Yum!