Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YEAH....Ali WINS the Biggest Loser!

Finally a girl won the BIGGEST LOSER & I think she is awesome! I really wanted her to win & she really inspires me. Ali had a starting weight of 234 pounds. Her final weight was 122 pounds. Weight lost: 112 pounds. Percentage lost: 47.86%. YOU GO GIRL!
I know I need to get with it & take off a few pounds myself. But, I also think it is a lot harder to lose weight in the "real world" than on that show. I've lost a few & I'm still working at it. I also wish I had my own little "Jillian" trainer. I think she rocks! If only there was NO chocolate in the world....Hmmmm??


  1. Yes, I was excited that Ali won too! Her transformation was amazing.

    I really wanted Mark to win something since the brothers made is so far in the game! I wish he would have won the 100,000 prize. Too bad!

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