Friday, March 7, 2008

Circus Circus!

Jason & I went to "Circus Circus" last night. We are trying to visit a few different places around Vegas at a time. My boss had told me about this hotel/casino & it has an indoor theme park. It is called the "Adventuredome" & has 5 acres of all kinds of rides and attractions in it. It is really cool! I saw a "Sponge Bob" ride & I had to take a pic of it b/c my dad loves sponge bob! Also, Jason played the HUGE claw machine & he won a giant ball. I'm going to give it to my bosses little grandson, b/c I have no idea what we would do with it! We also ate at a really good restaurant called the "Garden Grill". They had really good looking desserts too, but we didn't get a dessert. We were too full. But, we did end up going to get some Cadbury eggs later!


  1. We gotta go!! Is that really Circus Circus? I went there years ago while in route to California... it looked WAY differant back then.

    I love the pic of your little puppies! So cute...!!

  2. oh that looks like so much fun sidder! LOOK AT BRUDDER GO! I miss you!!! :(

  3. I like your's cute how they are both on laptops