Friday, May 13, 2011

Swimming with Mama

Yesterday I took Jarrett to our community pool.  We have 2 pools & 2 hot tubs in the middle of our retirement community.  They close the pools in our neighborhood at 6:00.  A bunch of OLD FARTS live here, GAH!  Anyways, we went around 1:30 & we had a great time.  Jarrett LOVES the water!  I see lots of swim days in our future this summer :)
 I'm crazy about this kid!
I'm really excited because my friend Jamie is taking pictures of me & Jarrett today.  She is getting into photography & I told her she could practice on me & Jarrett anytime!  She is actually a FANTASTIC photographer & I think she will go far.  You can tell she has a real passion for it too.  I wanted some good pictures of us together for mother's day & my 30th Birthday.  I am soooooooooo excited!


  1. i love these pics!!
    can't wait to see the others,,yay!!

  2. So cute! I actually waded in our pool for a little bit yesterday. I'm looking forward to the swimming weather and taking your pictures today! {Biting nails}

  3. great photos! He's soooo cute!

  4. How fun!!! I love pool pictures and bet you'll have a blast in the water this summer. That hat, makes Jarrett's eyes really pop!