Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Irish Boy & a Playdate in the Park

My friend Kelly said today that Jarrett looked like the perfect little St. Patrick's boy with his red hair & the shirt I made him!  I think he looked so cute wearing his little St. Patty's shirt.   
I had such a great day today & made a new friend :)  I met up with Jamie from "High Heels to Sneakers" & my friend Kelly at The Clawson Club.  We had a great time playing in the park with our boys.  It was so nice to finally meet Jamie because we are both into blogging, both from Vegas, both have boys & we've been talking through blogging for a while!  I'm really glad she got to meet Kelly too.  I'm so lucky that I have made some good mommy friends here in Vegas.  It's nice when you have things in common & you enjoy similar things. 
 Our precious little rays of sunshine.  Jamie is such a wonderful photographer & took all of these photos of the boys.  She has an older little boy too, but he is hard to photograph!  He was running all over the place!  He is 3 years old & has such an imagination.  I'm excited for Jarrett to be like that in a few years. 
I also went to the Vegas Outlets last night after work.  I went to try & find some work shoes for me.  I need a dressy, COMFORTABLE wedge shoe.  Either a peep toe or closed toe for summer.  But, I want it to have some detail, like a flower or bow - or something on the toe.  I'm picky.  The shoes I have are about worn out & KILLING my feet.  I didn't find anything for me, but of course I found a couple things for Jarrett.  He doesn't really have any summer clothes yet. 
I got him this outfit with a Monster of course!  And, some cute little pirate pj's:
I also found a pair of sandals that I hope will last him all summer.  They are lightweight & snap in the back & on the top:
Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Those Boys are so cute! Playdates are so fun!

  2. Jarret does look adorable in his St Patrick's Day shirt! Just like a little leprechaun!

  3. Jarrett *IS* the perfect little St. Patty's boy!! Cute pics, I'm so happy you've made good friends out there :)

  4. omg.
    I really just can't stand to look at his cuteness sometimes..hahahaha.

    I love that little monster cute..and the pjs!!

  5. I love the little boy in the middle with the mohawk. I tried to do that to Jamie's hair, but it has too much curl in it and ended up a gel-ly mess!

    Love the shirt! I'm obsessed with the fake tie shirts and want to do one for Jamie's 9 mos pictures, so cute!

    PS Got a sock monkey diaper for J and thought of you. Love the monsters, but will always remember the monkeys!

  6. Jarrett is too cute and the pictures of all the boys are precious!!!!!! :)

  7. Look at those cute boys! Jarret's shirt is the cutest. :)

  8. Aw, Jarrett does look like the perfect little St. Paddy's boy! I can't believe how red his hair looks.

    That's awesome that you have some new mommy friends and really cool that you all have boys close to the same age. I love that mohawk on that one little guy... so cute!

  9. OMG I absolutely love his t-shirt! So adorable! Great job mama!

    I'm a new follower, BTW :)