Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tournament of Kings

Jason & I had a great time at Tournament of Kings last night.  The show was really good & the food was "okay". Jason has always been into fantasy & medieval stuff.  He has wanted to see this show forever, so I'm glad we got to go for Valentine's Day & we had a good night out together.  I think it is important that we can get out just the two of us every few weeks.  We need it.

 We had fun trying on hats in the gift shop:
 We got Jarrett a souvenir shirt from the show.  It's a little big, but he is growing fast!
Jarrett got his first bad "boo boo" this weekend.  I had him sleeping in my bed & we both woke up & were playing together.  I turned around for ONE SECOND to turn off the fan by the bed & the next thing I heard was a "plop" & he was on the floor.  He dived into a basket of hangers.  Awesome.  It is already looking better today though.  He is going to be a handful!
Thankyou for all the sweet comments on my new job!  I'm really excited & ready for the change of atmosphere.  I have been praying so hard that God would lead me to the right job & he has provided me a new one.


  1. Glad you guys got to get out and have a good time!

    HAHA His faces crack me up!! Crazy how resilent little kids are. Glad it is looking better though!

  2. Oh no! Poor little man. It is just the first of many boo-boo's!

  3. looks like you guys had a fun time! kevin and i need a date night!

  4. glad you had fun!!!

    babies are tough little cookies!

  5. congrats on the new job! not sure if I told you that already.

    looks like you had a fun night. i'm glad you were able to get out for some time alone!