Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have ya'll seen Sing-a-ma-jigs at Target?  They are so cute!  Nana got Jarrett one for Christmas & he was scared of it at first.  Now he has totally changed his feelings about his Sing-a-ma-jig & loves it.  
Here is a cute little video I took of Jarrett tonight playing with his Sing-a-ma-jig.  This one sings "Oh My Darlin".


  1. I cracked up over seeing him throw it down after a little while... that's exactly what James does!

  2. Hannah is OBSESSED with these things! They are super cute!

  3. ok..so now I HAVE to get taylor-austyn one!
    she would flip over that!

    i love him playing with it..hahahaha!

  4. I had heard about these things on the radio a while ago. If I remember right, if you have a bunch of them they'll harmonize together to sing a duet