Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Lil' J is lovin' some pop ice right now.  I give him one every night & its cold on his gums & teeth.  I love to eat them too.  I swear, I can eat 3 at a time!  Who doesn't like pop ice?  I think maybe they call them "Otter Pops" here, but in the South we called it "Pop Ice".  
Jarrett also got a Valentine card from his great-Nannie.  She is so sweet & we love her so much!  Thank you Nannie!  (this picture isn't great because it was taken with my phone)
This picture I took after church Sunday & his face was covered in cracker!  But, I think his eyes look so beautiful.  It has been heavy on my heart lately for us to get back into church on a regular basis.  Especially with all our daily struggles with work & finances.  We love going to church, I think most of the time we haven't been going is because we are lazy to get up & get ready.  But, we are going to try our best to get up every Sunday & go to church to worship & raise our son to know Jesus.
One of the ties that goes on Jarrett's bumper pad fell off & I tied it around his head like a ninja.  He was holding his Twilight turtle & it was projecting stars on his face.  He loves that thing!  He is my cute little ninja :)  And, no matter how bad of a day I've had...I have something wonderful to go home to every day.  My family.


  1. The pic with the card makes me laugh - he's like "Uh, Mom... I'm busy reading my card! Enough with the pictures already!"

  2. Oh Bonnie, I am so sorry work is going so rough right now! I am PRAYING you find a good, new, BETTER job soon!! Hang in there!!!